Role in the system development life cycle

October 25, 2006

The BA plays a central role in the systems development life cycle (SDLC). In general terms, the SDLC contains well-defined phases which are executed by the project team:

  • a business idea or request,
  • feasibility (business case),
  • planning (business requirements, functional requirements),
  • delivery (coding, execution of activities),
  • testing (test cases, unit testing, integration testing, user acceptance testing),
  • implementation (roll-out of the idea or request),
  • close-out (documentation, post-implementation review).

This is also known as project methodology. A version of the SDLC is part of many different project methodologies such as rapid application development (RAD), system development methodology (SDM), and Rational Unified Process.

The business analyst will provide different services during the SDLC:

  • assisting with the business case
  • high-level feasibility studies
  • gathering of the requirements
  • designing and/or reviewing test cases
  • processing change requests
  • tracing the requirements during implementation (traceability matrix)
  • manage project scope
  • acceptance, installation, and deployment

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